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Undivided Band first embarked on their musical voyage of discovery together as a Multi-Genre Band in 2021. But their origin goes back earlier to when the band members grew up listening to a variety of music genres that played an influential role in shaping their paths as musicians and ultimately led them together. As Undivided Band, they have collectively found their signature sound, and offer something different and unique to their fans by creating and sharing original music they are proud to call their own & Also Playing Popular Covers. They currently have 5 Singles & Music Videos released including “Sun Dies”, “Rodeo”, “Gray & Old”, “Best Life” & Payback now available on all streaming platforms and are currently working on more material set to be released throughout 2023 & beyond. Undivided Band Has Performed At New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival,Mississippi Cannabis Festival,Opened Up For National Recording Band Rehab & More & Have A A lot More Big Things On The Horizon!

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Jay Da Wizard


John Anthony Breaux (born October 12, 1989), professionally known by his stage name Jay Da Wizard, is an internationally recognized American Vocalist, Songwriter, Dj and Dancer born and raised by his grandmother in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Wizard first received widespread exposure and critical acclaim after the release of his single "Hit Dat Motorbike (New Orleans Saints Anthem)" in 2018. On December 1, 2019, Wizard released his single "Neck (LSU Tigers Anthem)", which quickly went viral, gaining him further attention. On June 12, 2020, Wizard released his first mixtape (Written In Quarantine). 

Since 2016, Wizard has become known for mixing together and writing multiple genres to create a new sound and keep the audience curious as to what he will do next. Wizard has written & performed with multiple local and national acts including MIGOS, LIL BABY, BLAC YOUNGSTA, YING YANG TWINS, DEVIN THE DUDE, CHOPPA, PARTNERS N CRIME, LADY RED, KYPER, DROWNING POOL, 10 YEARS, ROYAL TEETH and more! He has also performed at over 50+ venues all over the country. Wizard loves to give back to the community by hosting fundraiser events and performing/speaking at school events, In October 2021, he announced his collaboration with country artist (Jerad Bridges) & they were joined later by Guitarists (Scott Burdett & Austin Boedigheimer), Drummer (Kevin Webre) & Former 12 Stones Bassist (Kevin Dorr) to form the Country/Hip-Hop/Rock Group, Undivided Band.

Jerad Bridges

Vocalist/Songwriter/Acoustic Guitarist

Austin Boedigheimer

Lead Guitarist

Austin Boedigheimer (born February 4, 1996), professionally known by his stage name Nephew, is an American Guitarist and songwriter, born in Seattle, Washington.

Influences include: Eddie Vedder, Dave Grohl & Jerry Cantrell.

Austin made a minor name for himself playing in various bands and headlining Ozzy and Grohl themed cover shows in Seattle at venues such as The Showbox, Crocodile, and the Chop Suey.

Jammie Ray Reed


Jammie Ray Reed (born August 5th, 1998), is an American songwriter/guitarist born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana raised by his grandmother. Growing up, he mostly listened to Hip-hop, Country, and R&B. In middle school he discovered Metal/Rock. He was inspired to play guitar from the video game "Guitar Hero" he played a lot as a kid.

In 2013, Jammie got his first guitar for his 15th birthday and In 2016, he began to take guitar seriously and teach himself how to play guitar since he couldn't afford lessons at the time. His musical influences are Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, James Hetfield, Ricky "Horror" Olson, Aaron Marshall, and Phil Manansala.

In 2019, he started writing and recording his own music, and doing guitar covers for social media. In his spare time Jammie likes to play,watch sports and play video games.

Kevin Dorr


Kevin DÖRR was born in Independence Louisiana on September 30th 1982. He grew up all over the Southeastern side of La in his early years. He was in school band from middle school through high school learning the basics by playing instruments such as the trombone, baritone, tuba and percussion. At the young age of 18, he signed his first record deal with WIND UP records and began his professional career as the bassist for 12 Stones. He has been on tour with bands such as CREED, 3 DOORS DOWN, SEVEN DUST, ALICE N CHAINS and so on. He has been part of many bands and labels since his early start, but finds himself well embedded in UNDIVIDED BAND. And he said (quote) “I owe all of MY success to the support of My beautiful wife, and the ones that have believed in me from the start, the only thing stopping me now is myself”. Kevin is a goofy guy and is always ready for whatever comes his way!



Ian “Ghost Rider” Willis is a local drummer out of Lafayette, La. He got his start at the ripe age of 13, playing gigs whenever and wherever he could find them. He has a rock/metal base with flashes of pop, hip hop, and 70’s soul. He jumped right into Undivided Band full steam ahead and hasn’t looked back. 



Zach “Beatfreak” Wilks

Zach (Beatfreak) was born and raised in Lake Charles, LA. Early in Zach’s life everyone knew he was gonna be musically talented because that’s all that interested him. His first love was drumming, he then came across a program called FL Studio and started making beats at the age of 15 and hasn’t looked back since!



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